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3DE Schools

Our "school-within-a-school" instructional model for Orange and Osceola Counties

3DE creates a customized approach to redesigning high school education to be relevant, experiential, and authentically connected to prepare the youth of today for their future in the workplace

Junior Achievement's 3DE instructional model creates a rigorous, interactive, standards-based learning environment incorporating competency-based case methodology, project-based learning, and real-world experiences.

A constantly evolving network of educators, business partners, and experts in using experiential design enables 3DE to provide turnkey solutions to create schools of tomorrow and optimize the current high school experience. From teaching structure to curriculum design to teacher development, 3DE is a replicable and comprehensive instructional model that can be integrated with traditional schools. The outcome is a network of schools that meet the expectation of today’s students and the demands of tomorrow’s rapidly evolving economy.

3DE's multifaceted approach to learning uses case methodology to integrate real-world connectivity into the standard high school experience. This universally effective approach to learning is the anchor for interdisciplinary pedagogy, relevant connectivity, and authentic project-based application. Coursework is complemented by career readiness experiences including career-site visits, interacting with business coaches, and consultancy experiences. The result is a high school experience that reflects the dynamic pace of activity and interconnectedness of life beyond the classroom walls.

Year-over-year, the curriculum layers defined competencies to continually build students' skills and mindset as they advance from facilitated learning to self-directed. By the end of their four-year high school career, students graduate with the knowledge, skills and confidence to thrive in postsecondary and beyond.

3DE by Junior Achievement is currently available at Osceola High School (Osceola County), Oak Ridge High School (Orange County) and Ocoee High School (Orange County). Beginning in the 2022/2023 school year, Osceola and Oak Ridge High Schools will be at capacity with 1051 students in grades 9-12, with a 98% graduation rate (5% above the school average). Newly added Ocoee High School will begin with 9th grade and within four years be at capacity with 600 9 -12 grade 3DE students.

3DE Outcomes

By mirroring the school's range of academic levels and socio-economic demographics, the performance of 3DE students dispels entrenched assumptions on student learning and creates a natural path to influence strategies throughout campus. 3DE consistently outperforms across key students impact matric*

  • 89% Stronger Academic Performance
  • 93% Higher Attendance Rates
  • 100% Increased Graduation Rates
  • 100% Higher College Enrollment Rates

*Statistics shown are national aggregates – as of 2/1/22

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JA Career Speaker Series

In JA Career Speaker Series, a volunteer guest speaker visits the classroom and shares information about his or her career, work, and education experience. The speaker may bring props, work samples, or other visuals to help engage students.

Following participation in the learning experience, students will be able to:

  • Identify skills and interests.
  • Recognize career clusters.
  • Practice active listening skills.

JA Career Speaker Series is part of the JA Work and Career Readiness Pathway and can be placed in grades K–12. The learning experience is available in classroom based, remote synchronous, recorded video, or after-school/out-of-school Implementation. Activities and implementation design vary based on grade level.

JA teachers and volunteers are encouraged, as part of this learning experience, to utilize the resources available in JA Connect® Learning Pathways, located at This self-guided experience includes interactives, JA Here to Career™, games and apps for student use.

JA Learning Experiences support national and state standards in reading, mathematics, social studies, and work and career readiness. See below for more information on alignment with national and state standards.

Junior Achievement USA gratefully acknowledges Citi Foundation for its dedication to the development and implementation of JA Career Speaker Series.

Elementary School
Middle School
High School
8 – 12th Grades

JA Finance Park

JA Finance Park is Junior Achievement’s capstone program for personal financial planning and career exploration. This program consists of a curriculum and a simulation, helping students build a foundation on which they can make intelligent financial decisions that last a lifetime, including decisions related to income, expenses, savings, and credit. This program will allow students to engage with volunteers and practice what they’ve learned by developing a personal budget.

JA Finance Park is recommended for 8th to 12th grades. A minimum of 13 lessons is offered in a traditional classroom presentation format, and a project-based learning (PBL) format is available for high school delivery. Both traditional and PBL formats provide educators with a delivery method that best meets their students' needs. JA Finance Park (Entry Level) culminates in a hands-on budgeting simulation implemented at a JA Finance Park facility, mobile unit, or virtual site.

As part of this program, JA teachers and volunteers are encouraged to use the resources available in JA Connect™ Learning Pathways, located at https This self-guided experience includes interactives, JA Digital Career Book™, and games and apps for student use.

Middle School
High School
6 – 12th Grades

JA Global Marketplace

JA Global Marketplace Blended Model introduces students to the global marketplace and how countries buy and sell from each other. By completing this program, students understand producers and consumers in the interconnected global market. They analyze the similarities and differences among countries and the effects of free enterprise.

JA Global Marketplace is recommended for 6th to 12th grades. The program is blended, available in classroom-based and remote synchronous implementation. It consists of seven 45-minute sessions and offers two implementation options:

  • Basic implementation includes Sessions One–Six delivered by the volunteer.
  • Advanced implementation includes Sessions One–Six delivered by the volunteer and Session Seven delivered by the teacher or volunteer.
Middle School
High School
8th Grade

JA Inspire

JA Inspire is more than a career fair: It brings together the business community and local schools and is designed to help launch middle school students into their future—high school, college, and careers beyond. During the JA Inspire expo, students participate in hands-on activities, often using equipment or tools used on a job. The multi-hour experience is configurable to align with local industry and career opportunities.

JA Inspire is recommended for 6th to 8th grades. It’s a volunteer-led and educator-led program that can be classroom-based, remote-live, or after-school. The program is both classroom and event-based and consists of three segments:  in-class sessions presented by the classroom teacher, the hands-on JA Inspire expo, and an in-class debrief.

This program can be combined with JA Inspire Virtual to meet the needs of educators, students, and volunteers.

High School
Middle School
6 – 12th Grades

JA It’s My Job (soft skills)

JA It's My Job (Soft Skills) helps students understand the value of professional communication and soft skills, making them more employable to future employers across multiple career clusters. Lessons focus on social and soft skill competencies that relate real-life experiences to job skills and prepare students for their future careers. Topics include communication and presentation skills, manners, listening skills, and cell phone etiquette.

JA Inspire is recommended for 6th to 12th grades. It’s a volunteer-led program that can be implemented as a classroom-based, remote synchronous, or after-school program.  It includes six 45-minute sessions, with additional extended learning activities and optional digital assets offered throughout. The minimum delivery is three sessions; the number and topic of modules can be determined based on student needs and available time.

Middle School
High School
9 – 12th Grades

JA Personal Finance

JA Personal Finance allows students to experience the interrelationship between today’s financial decisions and future financial freedom. To achieve financial health and wellness, they learn about money-management strategies, including earning, employment and income, budgeting, savings, credit and debt, consumer protection, smart shopping, risk management, and investing. At the conclusion of this program, students will be able to demonstrate that their personal finances affect their quality of life. They will understand how their financial choices will be the basis of how they get what they want and need.

JA Personal Finance is recommended for 9th to 12th grades.  It includes six sessions, including communication and presentation skills, manners, listening skills, and cell phone etiquette.

High School
9 – 12th Grades

JA Titan

JA Titan challenges students to apply their knowledge of business as they compete online in the highly competitive industry of the fictional Holo-Generator. Students enter decisions about price, production, marketing, capital investment, and research and development. The impact of their decisions will lead to the success or failure of each Holo-Generator company.

JA Titan is recommended for 9th to 12th grades. The classroom-based version of JA Titan offers lesson plans, administrator control, and economic scenarios. It is available only through your local office. However, portions of the site are available to the general public at  It includes seven sessions, a program kit containing seven instructional activities, and a computer simulation. Minimum delivery is three sessions; the number and topic of modules can be determined based on student needs and available time.

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